Tuesday, December 07, 2004

State of Mind!

Wonder how complex the design of our brain is...!
For a moment, one feels let down, tensed, disturbed and concerned!
And in a few hours, he/she feels something absolutely different - say calm, happy and content - even joyous!

Thinking about it... consciously, nothing around him/her has changed.
The landscape is the same, the people around are the same, yes - but the time has
passed by!

But there is a change - change somewhere within - the states of the mind!
Thats it!

What induces this change of states?
Are we really masters of our own at all?

wrt science, it just can't be a few chemical secretions in our brains, that bring about this state of mind?

There has to be more - what, why and how are these chemicals that change our states

Does our brain has a mind and life of its own?
or is it just US?

That these changes happening in the brain are too microscopic to be registered
by our brain?

we can see a rat run by, in front of our eyes...
catch a beautiful butterfly, fluttering by its wings - with magnificient colors fly away...
smell the fragrances of a bunch of sweet flowers...
and can reach out to touch 'em soft n gentle, with the tip of our fingers, to feel it...
and listen to the rustles of dried leaves by the tree, and hear to the noises filling the air
all around - a city dwellers' nightmare!

But hey, why is that, we can't feel our own innards?
can't identify the changes, the reactions - of our own body and mind,

As like any other question, there should lie an answer for this as well...
and i want to find more ...

Monday, December 06, 2004

The Philo-sopher

Greek : Philo
[love, loving, friendly to, fondness for, attraction to, strong tendency toward, affinity for]

Greek : soph(er)
[ wise, wisdom; knowledge]

and hence,

A Philo-Sopher in its true sense is -
'one who loves
, contrary to the fact of being a philosopher,
which term derives from the greek 'Sophism' and being a 'Sophist'
- [Sophists were generally intelligent people with the intent of making a living off of speaking and teaching what they knew]

This log, is Inspired, in agreement with and following the great one - Socrates,
who like the Sophists, was more concerned with and his place in society than with
the forces of nature, but he didn't consider himself to be a 'wise and informed'
person. Rather, he called himself a true philo-sopher: 'one who loves wisdom'. He
knew that he knew nothing about life and about and about the world, and this
troubled him ("Only one thing I know, and that is that I know nothing."). A real
philosopher is someone who recognizes that there is a lot to understand, and is troubled by that.

This place, is to capture the happenings and thoughts of myself, sophical in nature!

Socrates : Only one thing I know, and that is that I know nothing
Ancient Tamil Wisdom : Kattrathu Kai mannalavu, Kalladhadhu Ulagalavu