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On the quest for truth ... (written as a comment for

Apologies to barge in for a quick philosophical comment, am but a passerby who was searching on oration and stumbled across ur blog - and invariably tempted to comment on such an interesting post!

Well, "how true is true" - simple! truth is as relative (and elusive) as it can get to be! :)



Not to be relative and be absolute, what's the quantum of measure do we puny humans have? if and when possibly you come with one - it is still subjected to the same question - how true is the absolute in itself?

It is one of those sensitive - endless - subject of debate - whose solution lies in realization and acceptance on the part of the questioner - which might occur at some revealing moment of time and space.
:) A Dogma!

There's no end for the quest for truth! And quests begin with a purpose triggered by an unanswered question - a curious thought - something that piques the rational mind, driving it to dig and analyze, thus triggering it into a cascading, recursive quest on every factor and variable that's stumbled in the process, sprawling like the endless neurons in the brain - each taking a different path to connect to an unknown - each branch unwinding like the layers of an onion .... ultimately ... only to reveal the 'nothing'.

or perhaps ... the higgs boson or the elementary particle - who knows. (am not from a pure science background and just a commoner but with an incessant mind fueled by the quest for knowledge - so, i might be wrong here to quote the above!)

Invariably and quite curiously, the quest leads to the bottom line of what to believe and what not ... and belief comes out of knowledge, satisfaction and realization.

Knowledge can be gained - Satisfaction comes from the Egoistic self and Realization is the one that dawns - at the appropriate time!

Belief, Faith and Hope - which make the pillars of any religion - or for that matter - the factors that keep any person sane!

Science states facts/truth - which are based on proof & evidence - and deep down meets philosophy when the point is hit where a thing can't be explained/explored any further, with the given limits of human mind - and then realization occurs.

When with all the might - a quest - hits at a dead-end the human mind is exposed to the realization of nothing more (until proven wrong!).

So, realizations dawn on most likely at end of quests... taking us to the next plane of thinking and perhaps - understanding!

Look back, with the right introspect, and it'll dawn that life unfolds itself ... as planes of realizations.

At this point, it leads to acceptance, and thus belief ... and to faith ... and hope!

And with only these present, any quest can succeed. Great! now we've reached the point where we started at - a quest for truth! with the realization of how facts and faith are related thru the thread of acceptance.

As a human, the joy de vivre lies in "enjoying the road" - the process rather than accomplishing a thing!

which is what the gita says ...
"karmane vathikarasthe maa balechu kathachana" ...

So, here's an answer given ... ages back ... but maybe which we don't want to accept until we hit the right plane - even to fire the right questions!

keep the faith, belief and hope - and accept the acceptance leading one to realizations, and to the next planes of lets say ... enlightenment! :)

or shall we say, (as the slang goes) :
"That's all there to it folks! Take it or Leave it!"

it's simply as abstract as that!

Let the quest go on.... :)



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