Thursday, December 14, 2006

Garuda Pakshi - an Omen of reassurance

A curious phenomenon which i have been through since we shifted to our new office.

I Usually go up the 4th floor to have a smoke.
Whenever am in a disturbed mind / crunching with a problem, during the smoke,
more often then not, i sight the Garuda Pakshi (a Hindu god, king of eagles and Lord vishnu's vehicle) or
the White Crested Eagle.

It is as if a celestial omen/reassurance that things will be fine and not to worry.
The appearance of Garuda Pakshi, can never be explained given it is not a common bird to sight and
especially, as per the hindu mythology - the sighting is supposed to be a blessing and a very good omen.

My analytical mind is confused by the clear recurring pattern but the simpleton part of me willingly believes IT IS A Reassurance / Blessing / Good Omen.


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